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March 1, 2021

Kate Plaisted aka Girl in the Garden just dropped the fun mid-tempo song Lose My Mind. I really like the disco pop song and fans of Benee and Dua Lipa and will love this. The Idaho native and Eagle resident made her rounds at NBC’s The Voice and American Idol before. She is currently studying music at the University of Miami. Give the track a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders.





This amazing pop song “Lose My Mind” by independent artist and songwriter Girl in the Garden, is one of the best songs we’ve heard recently. The atmosphere of this song is unique and the production is polished and sounds very professional. Girl in the Garden’s voice is charmingly pure on top of well-written and original lyrics. The melodies are so beautiful and the chorus will hook you right in! We really enjoyed listening to this song dozens of times and not once did we ever get bored of it! We hope you love this song as much as we do! 


“This song is about the moment you realize that your sweetie is not “the one” through no fault of their own. Feeling crazy because you’re stuck in a relationship that’s not right and trying to find the strength and the reasons to get out. If you love me let me go.” 

Girl in the Garden is an independent artist and songwriter from Boise, Idaho who is currently studying music at the University of Miami. Her first EP “Polaroid” is a collection of fun and mostly light hearted songs which is perfect music for your next road trip. Her catchy 2020 single “Getting Over You” was a streaming sensation. Her newest release “Lose My Mind” is out February 26, 2021 and it’s what we think of as “Moody Disco Pop”. You can expect some experimentation with her sound, taking inspiration from artists like Dua Lipa and Alessia Cara.

Girl In The Garden New Video/Single ‘Casual Glances’ by Skope • October 26, 2018  Girl In The Garden goes for a hard, plastic pop elasticity with “Casual Glances”. Vocals stun featuring an intense commanding delivery. By keeping things to the absolute essentials, the song’s hard grooves possess an incredible physicality. The minimalism employed throughout means that the few effects feel particularly affecting. Melodies merge with rhythm in a way that feels so satisfying. Every single moment has a carefully curated quality to it. With this usage of magnification, the song’s many twists and turns become ever more meaningful. Inspired in equal amounts by tech house, synth-pop, and electro, the song’s message feels particularly palpable.     Synthesizer introduces the piece with a raw intimate quality. Creating a great pattern, the rest of the track follows suit. Truly the heart and soul of the piece comes from the clear-eyed focus of the vocals. Nearly cutting at times, there is a tremendous sense of yearning that propels the whole piece forward. Upon the beats entering the equation the song begins to jump, if only a little bit. Using the buildup carefully and with great consideration the whole of the piece unfolds in a mysterious aura. Atmospherics work wonders for the track moves at its own pace, never rushing a thing. For the final stretch of the piece Girl In the Garden lets it all get stripped away again in a most fantastic way. On “Casual Glances” Girl In The Garden shows love for its surroundings, creating a fully formed futuristic piece of pop. By Beachsloth ” - Beachsloth


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Hi G, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? I’ve been great! Lots of exciting things going on right now. Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Casual Glances”? Yeah! Casual Glances was a super fun song to write and record. It all started with this huge frustration that I had for boys at my high school. I wrote this freshman year so it was tricky to find a nice, confident, mature guy! When you liked someone and they liked you back, instead of just I don’t know TALKING to you, they’d throw these “casual glances”. I was so fed up with this to the point where we ended up with a super cool, vibey song! Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song? Yes this song was definitely directed at one person but it could apply to many. Any plans to release a video for the single? There are no solid plans to release a music video as of now but it is definitely something I look foreword to doing! How was the recording and writing process? The recording and writing process was intense and SO fun! Every song on the POLAROID EP was written and recorded in one day each. My producer Matt and my co-writer Kayliann and I would come into the studio and just talk about our mood for the day and decide what kind of tone we want the song to be. Then we’d mess around with the lyrics as Matt started building the song. We would all add our input into everything and it really all came together at once. Sometimes we’d even record some of the vocals before we finished all the lyrics! I would be exhausted by the end of the day but came back with even more excitement for the next.  Do you tend to take a different approach when you are covering someone else rather than in your own? I do take different approaches to songs when I do covers. 95% of the time they will be acoustic and I will accompanying myself. I play about 6 gigs a month singing and playing my keyboard. It’s more of a chill vibe than my produced originals which are very pop and electronic. When I perform my originals I’ll do about half with acoustic and half with backing tracks. I really feel like I’m performing more with my originals rather than just singing a pretty song in the background.  Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along? I’ve been writing a new song with my piano and I’m constantly writing down ideas or recording a voice memo of a cool lyric or melody. Nothing has been recorded in the studio yet as far as new music but I’m also working on some EDM collaborations and alternative/pop with artists in the treasure valley.  Any tentative release date or title in mind? Not solid on any release dates but you will definitely be hearing some music from me this year. Any plans to hit the road? I’m actually in a competition right now that will open up some very big opportunities for me to travel and open for other artists this year! What else is happening next in Girl In The Garden’s world? The biggest thing I’m focusing on right now is getting my name out there and making connections with people along with creating some new music!” - RJ Formeta

Vents Magazine

We recently had the chance to chat with Girl in the Garden about getting started in the industry, her new single “Casual Glances,” and more! Check it out! 1.How did you get your start in the entertainment industry? I decided I really wanted to start sharing my passion with people so I auditioned for my local talent show and ended up winning as well as being asked to sing backup vocals on another artists CD! This is when I fell in love with the studio. I then was selected to be in a showcase in LA where I made lots of connections and ended up in an artist development program. I then went back and forth between LA for acting and Nashville for music, where I recorded my first EP with some really amazing people! Now I perform a mix of originals and cover songs in my home town area about 6 times a month. 2.What was your first project? My EP Polaroid was my first big project but I did sing backup vocals on a CD a few years ago. 3.What is your new song “Casual Glances” about? Casual Glances was a phrase that really stuck out to me and was a fast song for me to write. It came from all those times you have a mutual liking for someone else and everyone knows it, but nothing ever happens and you’re in that frustrating middle ground of not being just friends but not being together. I was little agitated by this when I wrote the song which brought out some sass in me. 4.What was the recording process like? I worked with my producer Matt and my lyricist Kayliann. The first thing we would do when we got to the studio would be to have a conversation about our moods that day and what vibe we thought we could really pull out of our emotions. Then Matt, would start messing with some instruments and rhythms while Kayliann and I would start building the lyrics. We would constantly be building off each other and adding input to morph this music into the sound we wanted. Everything really just happened all at once. Sometimes we would record a part of the vocals before we even finished writing the song! Everyone of the seven songs on the Polaroid EP were each written and recorded within one day. By the end of the week we were exhausted! One of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. 5. How is it different from your other music? This was a very big change for me because at home I had just been messing around with covers and my acoustic instruments. Very laid back and relaxed. In the studio I got this sort of adrenaline with the headphones and the music pulsing threw me and I could just close my eyes and pretend to be a pop star. 6. What is your favorite part about creating and sharing your music? My favorite part of sharing my music is hearing how it really does affect others. One of my friends told me that my song More Than Temporary became her newly engaged sister and her fiancés song. They even wanted to see if I could come to the wedding! Stories like these are really what makes me want to write and create more. 7. Who are your musical inspirations? Selena Gomez has been my idol ever since I was in elementary school. She’s just an all-around amazing person. Some of my biggest inspirations for my EP were Halsey, Bebe Rexha, Lorde, and Clean Banditt. Although lately I have been really digging Billie Ellish and her more relaxed, almost haunting tone. 8.Are you working on any other upcoming projects at the moment? I’m constantly writing down ideas and have started some new originals on the keys. I’m also focusing on meeting as many people as I can to expand my relationships in the industry and taking every opportunity possible no matter how big or small. 9.Where can fans purchase or stream your music? Fans can find my music on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and SoundCloud. 10. What are your social media accounts? All my social media accounts are under the name Girl In The Garden Music and have my EP cover as my profile picture. Facebook: Youtube: Instagram: Soundcloud: Subscribe to see more on our channel!” - Jenna